Weekend MW + TTH HW checklist


  1. crit dot scape scape write up (use essay format to talk about your own work) + photo documentation in VJ
  2. reread CAREFULLY each project sheet
    [p4] human comp collaborative (independent team project)
    [p5] identity essentials (independent project)
    [p6] storyLINE – story


  1. draft up your storyLINE the story (bring finished version, 7 copies, for review on 2/22-23)
  2. update VJ (due 2/20-21). see checklist
  3. collect mark making materials
  4. TTH only. Write Compare/Contrast Crit Essay (bring 3 typed copies Tuesday!!!)


mark making materials – handfull of SHARPENED pencils, rubber band or tape, INK, wide mouth container and lid for ink (big enough to dip weird things into), PAPER, PAPER, MORE PAPER and BIG PAPER (newsprint pad and other heavy weight papers). PS I hate xerox copy paper.

Each table team needs a small container of spackle, one cheap small plastic spackle joint knife (it will be near the spackle in the store), and your sanding block for Monday/Tuesday.

We will deinstall the dot scapes this week. Each artist is responsible to repair and clean their section of the wall and any mess that hits the floor–holes, sheetrock pimples, bumps and bulges, measurement marks, etc.