nother haul of supplies from my BOX to the ville and rambling about my new toy post toilet drop

sure it has G4 and more voice controlled capacities (ie i can speak a text message but will I drive better?) but what’s funny to me on this new phone post toilet drop (4 > 4 s) is that the primary upgrade really seems to be in quality of the camera that faces the self. hmmm so it’s primary improvement is that I can now take “more better” pics of myself. I think this is very funny and highly marketable. have a feeling apple knows how egocentrical we are with all our textabating* and self snapping.

snap. snap. ya I am just testing. really :)

surely I am not as egocentrical as the next human alone with their new phone

maybe I am and, even worse, I am posting my self snap snaps on my own blog.