2012 day 1 of reaclimitizing | life folds back on itself

searing the remainder of scallops less tentatively tonight as I serve up a plate for mì madre and padre with my pup at my feet. we got to talking about my Connecticut adventure. ends up mì parental units began their wedded bliss (ok, well, mostly) dining on lobster at the Ferry Tavern at the edge of old saybrook and old lyme along the Connecticut river, just a hop skip and jump from the residency. so naturally I love lobster and connecticut. though when my mom pulled out her newly wed coat from the recesses of the guest room closet…well it might be a wee bit colder than I can imagine. hmmm. beautiful Audrey Hepburn styled coat. fits fine; doesn’t work that well with the highly worn steel tips though and that is kathy requirement…even for dresses. really.