2012 day 18 | one last massive hanging section

then fine tuning and lots more baby tubes…well, maybe. she’s making me a little worried…truly I don’t know her structural soundness. I mean I am sure she will stand just find, but…I worry about every piece ust more so if I am wedged up in her belly while I make her. hanging the tubes, the weight has been quite distal from her core strength but once their in place I’ve intuitively (meaning I didn’t really think it through but made right decision) hung them with their weightiness tight to the central oak joists with the gravitational force going almost straight down into the legs of each chair! oh why, oh why, was I not required to take physics in high school and college. chordate anatomy, yes, organic chemistry, yes, remedial essay writing, yes, but how, oh how, did I get through without physics or any foreign language! dang. I really need both!