clearly it's tubular camo naptime!

awesome weather! and what’s running through mì noggin is a new installation to replace the ipark grief piece. thinking I need two months so as not to be so body whiny (not). just envision. I think the piece needs to be that odd move and moment when suddenly joy reappears after extended grief. I see the piece as similar but, ha, more massive but floaty (yes that is the technical term) with intertwining cornucopia like structures spiraling out and opening to the sky as well as spilling out into human space. think a rebar under structure less hodge podged together than the last which was purely a visceral construct, more openings, welder, genie lift, one mason. I’d like to construct so that as the tubes are weather and finally fail, other artists could copt the suspended frame into a new suspended piece or that even the under structure could stand on its own. sounds like it is proposal writing time and maybe next year will simply be a year of residencies? maybe. oh my poor Dopt. hope they allow dogs in the retirement home (DAD !!!! ). kind of funny that I am building for one show while thinking what next. kind of like when your eating lunch and contemplating dinner. so human. so wrong