i won’t be bored. let the summer games begin.

Last summer I pulled this 1929 in wall ironing board system out of the kitchen wall. Now, it is time to peel off the paint, give her a sanding, repainter her and install her into the laundry room wall. YUP. Not that I actually plan to ever iron and certainly it would be easier to build a new one, but then I wouldn’t have a 1929 ironing board in my 1929 cottage! So off with that lead paint and on with a fresh coat and then cut through the wall and install!

Seriously! Who paints a kitchen cobalt blue and orange! I suppose these where the oops cans from Home Depot. 

Below that were nice shades of dark to light green lead paint.

And below that that the original 1929 pale yellow lead oil paint. Nice.

And then old growth wood. Lovely. Note I removed the big ironing board and  this is just the sleeve board. Ha, like I would ever use that, well, perhaps as a margarita holder.

Fun times.

Time passes.

Now I will need to work very hard getting the glue to dry on my 1929 in wall mount ironing board system while i sit in the shade, sip a diet coke and thumb my digital device. Then one more light 150 grit sanding.

I added a little wood glue in the 1929 joints and tightened her back up with clamps. Yup clamps will definitely do that to a girl.

Perhaps i will even get to cutting a ginormous hole in the laundry wall and slot her in.

Back side is inside the un finished kitchen pantry. Have to finish this install then i can sheetrock the pantry, paint, add shelves, paint them, and then i will have my first functional thing finished in the kitchen.

Then on to building cabs between stove and frig.


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