random mulling mental selfie. 

I will go out on a limb here and say, 

  • all art is a a form of a selfie
  • all research is a form of a selfie
  • and apparently all home renovations are also a form of a selfie


  • vehicular choice is a selfie
  • serving others is a form of a selfie
  • hating and shunning is a form of a selfie
  • relational distance and dynamics are a form of a selfie
  • snapping pics of my dog, my life/art/renovating process, my self each are a form of a selfie
  • thumbing out a facebook update or abstaining, are forms of a selfie
  • snapping a group shot is a selfie masquerading as a friendly herd
  • a shot of nature, my food, the man made are all also  a form of a selfie

staged or otherwise all these things engage in performing who we think we are or want, more unsettling is that these things may actually reveal who we actually are vs who we think we are. 

This is the kind of junk i mull over while sanding dowels, kreg jigging up drawers, making art or painting my house and procrastinating my summer reading.


so yes i feel a little shame but not much about shooting selfies. every action reveals us, ever choice uncovers our inner mechanics, every silence and nonaction, speaks to who we are. 


time for mulling is what i miss during the academic year. perhaps that is even what art making is for me–a vehicle for mulling things over. Yup, sounds about right. 


i am still working on achieving my goal of doing a PhD non-frenetically. mull.


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