Alien craft in my backyard

“…men, women and children, and the aliens living in your towns…” ha. yup. here are their crafts.

Wayside around Avenue T, Houston, TX. YES!

I live in a neighborhood not like any I’ve lived in before. A simple bike ride (dang I am out of shape) out my backdoor is full of surprises. Though many of my neighbors are naturalized many are alien. They live in bungalows, some well kept others in serious decline. But they all have front porches and actually use them, unlike in the isolation of the affluent burbs. They sit out with the charcoal heating in their wife beater Ts. The children and dogs simply play without the requirement of store bought toys. The tejano music floats through the air. Though at one juncture I heard a jazz horn aptly being played. Sweet. So I ride on. The scents are quite pungently different from the burbs with industrial manufacturing and ocean going vessel stink. And I must beware of the free range ankle biters–tiny little ragamuffin…dogs. As I returned to my BOX, I had to break for a fowl and freshly hatched chic crossing the street (weird!). Amazing since I am really almost walking distance from downtown on the other side of the tracks.

Ok. already. I know. I know. These are really lifeboats for ocean fairing industrial cargo ships and such. But they make awesome defunk scuttle-butted alien spacecraft.


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