gosh. i was just going to post some student samples
but there were to many wonderful ones

students spent a week or so exploring mark making and then brought a quote of their choosing into the work. the goal was to express the quote in a way that mimics actual speech in creating breath (space) and emphasis, etc and yet maintain readability.

each work is 2 to 3 feet by 3 to 5 feet in size.

no computers were harmed in the manufacturing of these works. though students printed source text from computer they used xerox copier for scale shifting and scissors, cutting out the paper and then exploring physical and visually all there options for arrangement. though this seems an archaic method, the physicality and the ability to move tweak adjustments extremely well. computers come later and one must remember they are simply just a tool.

Jasmine made this texture using ink on the bottom of her shoes (i like that!)

students then blow these up with an architectural printer (at fedex, office depot, etc) for about 5 bucks (on bond paper)

See the rest

Brian’s above inking technique….drip and blow.

Lauren made the above marks with a paint brush attached to a toy coke can that wiggles when you clap your hands…she kept clapping and periodically reloaded the brush with ink (see draw with a coke can post for video).

My other Lauren created the negative spaces containing the text with tape.

Edith made the above marks with paint brushes attached to a block of wood on the end of a dremel.


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