WASH foundations

art foundations teaching portfolio

Images of the work my students created while I was teaching and developing the Wash (Workshop in Art Studio + History) program at Sam Houston State University, 2009-2013   [cws_gpp_images_by_albumid_gp id=’AF1QipPC_N8nsIlZraN2dY-5KjBJxSL2qgFayW4l4hTDnLDViSfTbjYpj_XcHX6zcfyEwA?key=d09SY1c0b0s4WnFhWDNMUGpGYWdmdjBUWGM0RTl3′ thumb_size=250 theme=projig show_details=1 row_height=200] [pi_ifg data_shortcodeid=’pi_ifg’ data_shortcodeid=’pi_ifg’ data_shortcodeid=’pi_ifg’ data_shortcodeid=’pi_ifg’...
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ha. my teaching philosophy as sound bites

deconstructing discrepancies between artist intent and viewers perception disrupting habits–disrupt habits of mind, habits of making, habits of process, habits of materiality disrupting assumptions—perceived cultural, historical and personal narratives enticing to enter the ongoing dialog of contemporary art and practice...
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