Before January 19 LISTEN + RESPOND

Listen to the following podcast / mp3
and answer questions (in orange).
prior to the first day of WASH, Wednesday, January 19 @ 9:30 am

LISTEN Janine Antoni
(audio lecture @ School Of Visual Arts, 2006)
or download it from itunes

WATCH VIDEO Janine Antoni
(video lecture @ Cornell, 2010)


As animator, artist, designer, we do not create from nothing. There never is truly a blank page or screen. We ourselves are neither a blank page nor a blank screen. We do not create from nothing, so where do our ideas come from? Why? Where do IDEAS come from? Why are these ideas important to the artist? Why do artists, animators, designers use the specific materials they choose? Why do you? Why choose this material over that? What are these MATERIALS’ significance? Why does the artist, animator, designer work in the specific manner with their materials and ideas? Why this method or process and not that? Designers, animators, artists make their work for a REASON? What is yours? Do you know? One reason or many? WHO do we make it for? Our self? Your brother? Men? God? Skaters? All people who wear underwear and have brown eyes? Is your audience many or few? Why these people? What do you want from them? What do they want from the work? Why? What? Where? How?

For each work Antoni discusses, listen for what materials she is using, what she did to or with them, and all the whys? Make a list of her whats and whys. Identify the sources of her ideas. How does she speak about her audience? What of their response? What does she want from them? Why does she love being an artist?

Bring lists/answers with you on Wednesday, January 19, we will be discussing her work in terms of its sources of inspiration, materiality, process, interaction with viewer and why she loves being an artist.

Images are linked to their source site. Click image.

Janine Antoni, Wean, 1989-1990
Plaster impressions in the wall.


Janine Antoni, Eureka, 1993
Bathtub, lard, soap, Corian


Janine Antoni, Slumber. 1993
Performance with loom, yarn, bed, nightgown, EEG machine and artist’ REM reading
Janine Antoni, Gnaw, 1992

(video of Gnaw at MOMA)

Donald Judd, untitled, 1971

Eve Hesse, Accession II, 1968

Hans Haacke – Condensation Cube (1963)

Lick and Lather, 1993


Loving care, 1993
Loving care, 1993


Mierle Laderman Ukele, Hartford Wash: Washing, Tracks, Maintenance:Outside, 1973 performance at Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, CT, part of Maintenance Art Performance Series, 1973-74

Yves Klein, Untitled Anthropometry (ANT 100), 1960

WATCH 1962 Ives Klein Anthropometries of the Blue Epoch, 1962

Jackson Pollock, 1950


Janine Antoni, Cradle, 1999
2 tons of steel

Janine Antoni, Saddle, 2000
Full Raw Hide; cast of artist’s body


Kiki Smith, Tale, 1992.
Beeswax, microcrystaline wax, pigment, and papier-mache.

Janine Antoni, 2038, 2000


Janine Antoni, Umbilical, 2000
Sterling silver cast of family silverware and negative
impression of artist’s mouth and mother’s hand

Janine Antoni, Moor, 2001


Janine Antoni, Touch, 2002

Janine Antoni, To draw a line, 2003

Janine Antoni, Caryatid (Crackled green glaze over red oxide on an ovoid bodied vase with a truncated neck), 2003

Janine Antoni, Tear, 2008
Lead, steel, HD video projection with surround sound
4,182 pound wrecking ball 33″ diameter
projection 11′ x 11′

Janine Antoni, Conduit, 2009
(Detail) Copper sculpture with urine verdigris patina, framed digital c-print

Janine Antoni, Conduit, 2009 (Detail)



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