your IDENTITY ESSENTIALS should be posted today

and your inflatable model images, proposal boards and crit write up should show up before Monday.

Here are a few IDENTITY ESSENTIALS (don’t forget to include what category you are working within). Plus, don’t know if it is my connection, but a number of your links are broken to a few of your images. Please fix if applicable to you.

Body as a site of conflict
Be sure to go see Chinny‘s entire series. The cutting off of the face yet revealing the expression of the mouth reveals the actual emotion/attitude/statement that lies behind her question.

Body as landscape
Emily H has created a nice cohesive series


Body [metaphor] as essence of  gender

Katy combined essence of gender, body as landscape and
used Georgia O’Keefe’s work to determine color palette.

Essence of gender (metaphor/humor)
Maggi and she shot these in the grocery story (guts for breaking social mores/norms)


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  1. Really like the concept for the Identity Essentials project and the students produced fantastic work! Wish I could take this class!