i will knot

i will bless
i will not curse
even those who
see me as enemy

and i will move
to my woods
where i will
feel the weight
of the night sky descend
smell the stir
of air brushed from the
tip of the bird’s wing
taste the dappling glistens
dancing down from the canopy
hear the scent of the needle
strewn forest floor mist upward

i will cut the
waters slowly and steadily
with my paddle

i will stitch black hides of tubes
build legs of bed and chair
nail boards of floor
roll paint of walls
trowel concrete of surfaces
scratch words of heart
and i will listen

i will continue
to prepare the ground
of my unreadiness

perhaps i will come out
though i can’t think why
i would want to do that
(besides work)

the grill will be near
and the frig stocked.

though you may think god is absent from this or my writing or my life, again you are wrong in your many many assumptions as is each of our human habits of mind. i think god is in every moment and does not abandon. he (this pronoun is just easy for me) is right here, right now for you and for me.

bless and do not curse
ok i will try again


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2 Responses

  1. I see God here. He is not just a pronoun it is how He describes himself in His inspired word. I think it refers more to character or nature than a earthly gender…

    After all he made them man and woman in"his" image.

    I picture the night sky as a freedom, not a weight.

  2. was thinking of night descending and thought it interesting to try to experience it not with the usual sensation…ie smelling a sound, hearing a site, weight of ephemeral

    his. yes he came in the form of a man so we could understand him. perhaps he uses the male pronoun so those recording (men) could comprehend him as well…