tried to camouflage a ziplock of food. she did

while riding home from Mondays free shower day at parental units (as I was awaiting water well repairman and desperately needed a shower*), the Dopt buried between seats and then she nosed like a bulldozer, snout down, forehead planted to the floor boards, with the contents of her truck section, couple of towels, grocery bag, etc. it actually worked. any evidence that there was once a bag of food back there was absolutely concealed. I’ve seen her do this many times before. she takes her time, is meticulously thorough. there are many hidden treasures buried in the mucroforest that no one would suspect. hopefully no bodies. I find it very interesting behavior. she must have been a hoarder or serial killer in a previous life.

ps will work on my blog structure! have gotten a thumbs down on its current usability.


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