Week 5

M/T surface studio

mapscape #1 brought in finished state
work on scape #2

refine scape #1 based on in studio feedback
complete 50% scape #2
human comp collab brainstorming

W/TH in surface studio

review scape #2 and gather feedback.
workday for #2

Weekend checklist will be posted


Friday 9/28 Artist Presentations

(1) Raiel, (2) Letty, (3) Ben, (4) Courtney W, (5) Chris J, (6) James E, (7) Brandyn, (8) Andrew, (9) Amanda R, (10) Shin H

visual presentation support

PDF format via USB or CD

MW studio crew-due surface studio WEDNESDAY
TTH studio crew-due surface studio THURSDAY

Mentors will transfer your file to WASH computer during surface studio. It is your responsibility to confirm transfer of file with them and that it works.

Powerpoint and Keynote conversion to PDF
file > print > PDF (bottom left corner of print dialog box) > save as acrobat PDF

after saving, open file to confirm it works and is as you expect.


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