WEEKend 4 to-do checklist

Research/Respond/Write in VJ

  1. mount [p1] + [p2] comps in VJ
  2. READ [p4] human comp collab
  3. cogitate on human comp collab brainstorming while working on maps and cardboard hybrids.
    note questions you have for Kathy + brainstorming ideas in VJ.
    be ready to meet with your team.
  4. REread [p3] mapscapes
  5. continue your RESEARCH (thorough evidence of research should be documented in VJ…text, ideas for materials, ideas for solutions, sketches, ideas for binding methods)

    What materials are you using? why?
    What are personal memories or connotations you have with these materials?
    What is juxtatoposed against these materials? why? too similar? too different?
    Are you generating tension? meaning? why not? how so?
    How could you catch viewers interest?
    Do the material choices or usage feel a bit kid craftish?
    Is your binding method working?
    Have you check how gravity will impact the piece?
    How will you mount it on the wall?

    Eye candy
    Previous solutions
    from WASH (this album includes all last semester, no matter the grade)
    WASH dot/mapscape pinterest album
    see link on blog


  1. complete map #1
  2. research, test, collect all materials for map #2


One completed mapscape. All previous dot and square sketches and VJ. All materials (bring several options) for mapscapes, plus binding agent, understructure material and tools (ie
scissors) you might need.

The lack of supplies (materials, binding agents, tools) will result in
an absence towards your grade.


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