oh rubber cutting bandsaw, you, oh beautiful efficient one, are my newBFF at least until January 7, 2013

I’ve been burning through my non reusable/nonresharpenable Rockwell sonic powered scissor blades at a rate of one per hour of back bending over cutting rubber at 20 bucks a pop! why oh why did I not test my bandsaw earlier. mmmm. cuts like butter though I need a respirator for (1) rubber particles (2) off gassing as blade heats rubber (bad stuff…vulcanizing rubber causes cancer along digestive tract (have researched my materials). oh bandsaw you are saving me more than money as you cut so fast and efficiently. and naturally Dopt picked out and helped pull the wheel barrel of rubber to my bandsaw. oh so helpful. what on earth would I do without my Dopt and my bandsaw.

cut rubber

she, my bandsaw, hums to me the same song as my gram’s sewing machine did as my gram taught me to stitch stitch when I was 8. so today i I feed my rubber through as though fabric–feeding my cutting machine. the feed, the hum, the blade vs needle, enlivens memories within me. I like these mental tethers to my history, to my family! and yes, my parsimonious soul is surely pleased with this efficient cost effective rubber cutting method. now the weak link in my process is the wire cutting.hmmm. to be pondered.



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