filthy, nasty woman! OH YES!

My art practice is rather filthy, nasty in fact. If my hair is not matted with sweat, grime smearing the flesh of my frame, it has not been a good day. My practice plunges every inch of my body into my materials.

And the current choice of materials has a very high ick and eek factor–found [used] mattresses found in the back alleys of lubbock. Some mattresses have been so nasty–potential nests of the epidemic beasts, bed bugs–that they remain unscalped and unharvested.

So in addition to my filthy, nasty practice, I have boobies. Nasty practice  with boobs and a brain plus i will kick your ass if you “grab” my “*+@” = “nasty woman.” I am nasty

Do the math.

pictures are process shots of the growing nastiness in the wake of trump


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