day 24 | decleating

so funny…i am never too far along to not be able to make bad art. i’ve made some this month. so this morning as i walked into the studio, i just started draping a tube from the shelved egg nose blob foam plaster piece…though i don’t care for the eggishness of the white part, i was very pleased with the draping.

8’h x 2’w x 4’d, rubber, foam/plaster, wooden shelf, tie wire and clips.

so i sat back and popped on to facebook posting pics and status update about the work…

“looky. looky. I made a discrete object that doesn’t have to be mounted into the wall studs. it’s just a shelve with standard wall anchors. 

it’s a painting! hang it on the wall and go! oh yes. oh yes. snoopy foot dance atop a red doghouse.”
…then i pressed post. within thirty to fifty seconds, the whole piece pulled free of the wall and crashed to the floor with the nose blob egg foam plaster monstrosity rolling to a stop at my feet. bahahaaaa. i just bragged about how i hung it. well weight wasn’t the issue, instead it was a total torque job as evidenced by the way the screws and anchors pulled free…need to use the winged anchors next time. i check the other shelves and they too were starting to pull free in the same fashion from the wall…

ooops. Humpty Dumpty…the king’s men did not come but all the artists in the building arrived at my door to make sure i hadn’t been egged to death.

after the crashing hoop la la i check the other shelve cleats (all have weight at front = torque) …

no artist or art object was harmed in the sudden gravity surge. i am incredibly grateful that the plaster egg did not crash onto my head/neck while i was below the piece yanking the rubber around. 

anyhow, i picked the piled mess up off the floor and just kept right on draping the tubes this morning, just more floor bound…and am pretty sure i made the rock alien from one of the original star trek episodes. i think spock mind melded with it…
one is never too far along not to still make some bad art. fortunately i can say i was just goofing around.
though i am pleased with all the work generated around the process of memory, the way it holds, releases, distorts things, i was especially pleased with the suspended ball set.

i was equally please with the feminine pieces though a tad embarrassed by them…

the evolution was nice. i loved the blue foam but it would have been too much with these pieces. lots of new ideas–shaped shelves to support tubes, smaller worker, foam, plaster, conduit,

canvas, and more. i enjoyed testing new materials.

ha and to think i started the month with conduit…


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