rarely do i purge but my big ass art footprint makes it necessary why isketch at full size, i don’t know

my life has never been a straight path and I’ve never backtracked vocationally–jr high science teacher, youth minister, graphic designer, director of communications, interactive media instructor, art foundations professor. no back tracking. surprisingly each has built on what came before. artist isn’t a vocation, it is a way of functioning. that will not go away…it was there in the jr high classroom right up to the collegiate studio and lecture hall. it will take me into my future of making, writing and research. there is something I need to find and I am pretty sure I am in route and I will stand on the shoulders of what has already passed, not a single year unneeded.

Yet, my big ass art footprint reduction is needed. begun. it’s got to go. how to decide is beyond me…all that is legal to burn, will. purging begun! though these are four feet and larger, they are more like sketches on board. dang heavy board. two D is not my primary format. drawing just sooths me. my primary format occupies far more than flat planar (ha pleasantly redundant) space and tools, they to take up real space. i cannot imaging hauling it all, 2d and 3d, to lubbock and storing it AND CERTAINLY NOT PAYING TO STORE. space occupation always cost money no matter how tamely and passively the materials lay there.

most, admittedly, are from the before i even thought of myself as artist when i was just superficially reacting to a contemporary art history class–reacting to expressionism, bad painting, feminism. I didn’t know prior to that that it was ok to make bad art. once I discovered it was ok to make bad art my inner world and making practice opened right up. bad art literally set me free.

purge. tear. wipe.

it is certainly freaking me out. but i just can’t manage all the work i have.
most is far more beautiful or at least interesting in the purge, in the mid burn process. kind of takes to a new level. so glad I documented the purging.





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