subjugate that!
first scholarly neophyte research question to pursue relative to my dissertation interests

Are contemporary female visual artists using self subjugating language?

—-end of requested—-

Language sampling source and narrowing the playing field:
Kristine Stiles and Peter Selz’s text, Theories and Documents of Contemporary Art: A Sourcebook of Artists’ Writings, 2nd Ed, published in 2012, in addition to male artist writings and interviews, the text contains seventy-seven writings by female artists and twenty-four interview transcripts with female artists. The female samples will be used as source material for analysis relative to the research question.

Sampling source narrows female category to

  1. visual artists practicing within the last 100 years 
  2. artists established as relevant to the art world by art historians via inclusion of artists’ writings and interview transcripts in published anthologies 
  3. artists who vary in conceptual and physical practices 
  4. to a manageable quantity 

Based on this source material, a logical follow up presents itself as: Are the patterns relative to self-perceived position expressed differently in a female visual artists’ writings versus her use of language in an interview?

The research and methodologies will draw from the field of psychology/linguistics and a literature review searching for pre-existing material, methods, or lines of questioning in the fields of art theory and/or art criticism that might be relevant or theoretically transferable into the study of the language use of visual artists.


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