nasty somatic compliance, scatological humor of the junior high sorts, and self-cannibalization


No mortal can keep a secret.
If her lips are silent,
she chatters with her finger-tips;
betrayal oozes out of her at every pore.  –Freud, 1917

Often outside research provides relief from the self-cannibalization of the autobiographical processes of artmaking. And so with the intent to displace habitual creative practices, I set to the task of culling from Freud’s Dora case study, Fragment of an Analysis of a Case of Hysteria (1917).

Alas Donald Trump disrupted my scholarly studies and redirected overt applications of my readings and relevance of Freud and Kristeva. Trump provided a contemporary and highly politicize example of the male gaze, hysteria and the abject with his pussy grabbing attitude and “nasty woman” name calling. His behavior and attitudes so ludicrous but uncomfortably common worked in me alongside Freud and Kristeva.

​And then I was invited by Hannah Dean and Jon Whitfield to participate in an exhibition titled the $#&% I Made Today, No. 2. We were invited into the gallery 24 hours in advance and asked to make work within that timeframe and with the prompt “clothing.” I normally work large and take months to fabricate work for an installation, but this required small and fast. So drawing on recent materials I had been toying with, subdermal layers of found mattress (cotton) and balls, I combined these with panty hose.

Further my practice is largely dependent on bodily compulsion activated by material tendencies. I give myself over to my body’s lead and typically the things bouncing around in my noggin–nasty women, Freud, Kristeva, and junior high scatological humor–coalesce working out through physical movements.

nasty women


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