July 2006

Goods control

I allow myself to be DIVERTEDvia consumptive patternswhich in turn neutralizes meas a factor in self and social changeI AM IMPOTENTwith an increasing senseof my own powerlessnessmy attitude of ENTITLEMENTbecomes all the more overwhelmingconsequently leading me backto the acquisition ofadditional...
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My process

I trust the process—research, collective critical analysis, emergent forms from visceral object making, alternate views that manifest themselves via found objects, questioning my assumptions about the nature of things, and daily writing. In silence, I disentangle coagulated knowledge and experience.In...
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Silence is space. In fullness, silence seizes emptiness. In absence, silence seizes presence. Sense and nonsense merge. The temporal dissociates. The knotted unknots. The cluttered, clotted mass of knowledge and experience unravels. Memory is reanimated and edited. Seeing becomes hearing...
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