one end of my block

I live at the edge of the paved world, if you bump past my drive you will arrive here. the microforest opens up at the end with a field, home to about five young colts freshly hatched late spring along with their parental units. it doesn’t get much more beautiful. i think this was a gift; when things are rough even now, even on subfloor and relatively furnitureless, i sit still at the windowed (to hot for outdoors) edge of my hermitage and just soak in the view, smells, sounds, and life

i am looking forward to fully landing here. from HW 45 you have to drive west through about 17-20 miles of national forest to arrive. i love to drive this at night [well during the day to but i like the dream likeness of night] because there are only my headlights bouncing through the dark limbs, stars, road reflectors, the occasional eying by bambi and clan and the quiet for about twenty minutes. then i pop out in to a lightly populated area, turn on my drive and head back into my microforested hermitage.

landing is close…my to do list.
CHECK. exhibition fully installed at Darke Gallery .
NEXT. downsize houston based studio [helpers needed] at BOX.
____. prep subfloor at hermitage.
____. finish bathroom [fatherly supervision required].
____. finish bedroom floor.
____. resolve outdoor art space usage [helpers needed].
____. move houston courtyard based works;
          install in microforest [helpers needed].
____. figure out the rest of which there is a good bit.
____. rain. burn banned lifted. invites extended. grilling resumes.

oh yes and continue making work for upcoming exhibitions (collaborative BOXer exhibition at Texas State next on slate), pushing/developing WASH program, figuring out how professional collaboration really works, facilitating/refining/impassioning young artist/designers in their practice…the fall will be full


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