Social SENSE–what if

Need to explore.

If mirror neurons in humans establish a capacity for empathy, a largely social function, and social pain piggybacks neural routes for registering magnitude and duration of perceptual (physical) pain, lighting up similar perceptual/pain/response regions of the brain, this suggests that our sense of belong and exclusion is physiologically response system.

If navigating the social follows like neurological systems and adaptively protective functions as seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, touching and balancing, is it not just another perceptual physical enabling our capacity to sense envirnmental input. And just as with the other senses the variation from person to person in degrees of social acuity, would this not also be another basis of individual difference along with the cognitive, psychological, and such.

So perhaps we do not have 5 or 6 senses but 7—taste, touch, smell, sight, sound, balance and social.

As usual this is probably not an original thought, none the less I am archivimg it here as ine of the many cramps of mind I experience.