Board double hung wood with trowser rod

There are so many ways to go wrong here that with the gendered ambiguity firing every junior high humor neuron in me simultaneously.

There is great enjoyment in being given a parameter outside the scope of my inherent self-cannibalization and my go to repertoire of possibilities. So for the usual “would you donate some art for a fund raiser”, why yes, yes I will. In this case I was given a bent plywood skateboard to work with. Initial gloss viewing called to mind feminine gender references which quickly was flipped to a two head phallus…so i literally split the difference and kept the ambiguity…somewhere between do your boobs hang low can you tie em in a knot can you tie em in a bow and being well hung. If i didn’t make myself laugh, who would? Perhaps this is a side effect of my mom making us figure out how to manage our own boredom without being a couch potato. Of course I may just be demented. There is some evidence for that conclusion.