A step that brings me to a stop


Surrender infers war. Am I at war? War with whom? Myself? God? Other? Surrender to whom? Surrender what?

This also infers that I NEED to surrender? Why? Why? Why?

How do I know when to surrender and when to fight? Who gets to decide?

This is so unAmerican. And I am so very much American…no doubt. I hate the idea of surrender. I am not saying your wrong in that I may need to do this, but the thought of surrender is well so very un-pullyourselfupbythebootstraps! And I am still pulling!

However, I do compromise (does that count?). Is surrender like submissive? Shoot! I suck at that too!

The idea of surrender sends me into serious rebellion! Based on that apparently I am at war. Dang.