ArtCrawl Houston this Saturday

ArtCrawl Houston
Saturday, Nov. 17
2 – 9 pm

Studio open house at most the downtown art warehouses. Come see reasonable and unreasonable art. There will be a free metro bus to shuttle people about. Free parking. Yes you can bring your kids. Unfortunately the old warehouses are not handicap friendly (sorry).

Stop by and see me.
Commerce Street Art Warehouse
Studio F2 (also J…but since I can only be in one studio at a time, come find me in F2)
2315 Commerce Street
Houston, TX 77002

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2 Responses

  1. Are you sorry that there are handicaps, that there are old warehouses, or that poverty comes with its own built-in handicaps (in this case for both the potential viewer and the potentially viewed, i.e., artists who reside in old warehouses and produce inspirational work for handicap people)?

  2. From a strictly technical perspective (and a 2-D one as well viewing this work from a photo and not in person), the piece verges on becoming an indistinct mass. Too many subtle shades of black make for a visually undifferentiated canvas. Perhaps this impression is intentional: an undifferentiated mass of tire tubes = an undifferentiated mass of lanolin sweaters-to-be.

    The image muffles itself.

    Perhaps not. Regardless, the empty/negative spaces of WDIHTIWNG allows the work to be heard.