medium, method, mortality

my life seems wrapped up in attempts to overcome, divert, manipulate or extend my medium, method and mortality. i am speaking of the art of life not the art of art. the medium being the physical world in which i am embedded. the method is the various extensions of self used in navigating the medium–my truck extends my capacity to carry and move, my knife extends the taring function of my teeth, my phone extends my ability to be present in a location in which i do not physically reside. the mortality is the temporal nature of my existence.

if i am not manipulating, negotiating or attempting to overcome my medium, method or mortality, it seems i am spending a great deal of time and energy in diverting my mind from these limitations–perhaps my consumer whoring is my diversion or at a minimum it gives me the illusion of overcoming these parameters of existence.

pondering medium, method and mortality.