in the space of absence coming to lawndale january 23, 2009

i am currently working on a piece abstracted from a visual in my mind of a mama pig being suckled. thinking once again about the infantile nature of our wanting and taking…that big sucking sound i hear…


2 Responses

  1. Infantile? How about instinctual and necessary?

    Yes, infants “suckle” but we all want, need, and take. And others need us to needtake so that they can give. The mother pig’s teats will become swollen and painful if the piglets don’t suckle.

    I don’t always agree with the greek motto, moderation in everything. Extreme has it’s place. But I do agree that in the end (at the end of the day or the balance sheet) some form of “balance” must be achieved. That doesn’t mean that the portions are equal, rather they appropriate for the giver and the taker.

  2. Love the idea, but the images could use a little work.

    Art 101, Using negative space to create positive images. In other words, my weary eyes can barely distinguish the art work from the detrius in the background.

    (The works great. I just have to be petty. Call it piglet envy.)