sewing on work for in the space of absence

the (w)hole of the lie
working on the (w)hole of the lie a series of vacant pod like structures for my exhibition in the space of absence opening at Lawndale Art Center this January 23, 2009.

kathy sewing on the (w)hole of the lie


5 Responses

  1. Stitching a lie. A very interesting concept. Does this include fictions, stories, myths? It’s obvious from our cultural practices that lies are permitted and even encouraged in all kinds of contexts and with all kinds of expectations. So are your lies tall tales that entertain or minor ommissions that hide a murder or are they something in between. And if they run the gamut, how are they represented visually or more to the point, in a stitch?

  2. Are you wearing two pair of glasses: one for sun and one for vision? You are too chic. Now I know which affectation the cast of Saturday Night live will use to lampoon you?