“without voice there is no revolution” – Thomas Merton

revolution of change

it can be the revolution of division
or it can be the revolution of healing
at this point it is a revolution

revolution is revolution

revolution requires energy
heroic efforts
troop support

what kind of revolution will be chosen

there will be casualties
there will be damage
there may be death
i will cry

it will require strategy
it will require implementation
it will require fear and grief
to temporarily be set aside
it will require things that do not aid
to be released, set aside

it requires loyalty to the cause
it requires intentional actions to be taken
as well as intentional inactions to be allowed
it requires silence, listening
it requires communicating, voice
it requires truth
it requires personal responsibility
it requires forgiveness
it requires mutual support
it requires comforting
it requires sacrifices
it requires some needs to be temporarily set aside

revolution, either, both of which
are the revolution of change
requires much

will there be a revolution
will there be change

there is another option
it is the option for no revolution
this is the option of pretend
this is the option were there is no voice
with pretend there is only illusion
with pretend there is no change
with pretend there is no healing
there are no real people with pretend
only phantoms living someone else’s life
pretend is an option

i choose to have voice
i choose the revolution of change
i choose the revolution of healing


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3 Responses

  1. revolution of division
    revolution of healing

    fundamentally are these not the only two real types of revolution?

    "without voice there is no revolution" – Merton

    the voice is the cry for change, the cry for courage

    how long can the need for change be diverted, subdued, distracted, numbed, avoided?

    until one crashes fully into it?

    if one does not approach change consciously with out fleeing from it, mistakes will be made, but it will be approached from strength

    if one remains diverted, subdued, distracted, numb, asleep, when they crash into it, it is not from strength but from ones own weakness

    my crash is from weakness; now i must step into strength to choose which revolution of change i will embrace

  2. of course if i had simply approached change and embraced it as i went instead of allowing it to be set aside, perhaps change would occur without revolution?

  3. i have lost the revolution of change, the revolution of healing.

    his revolution of division has taken president; i cannot overcome it; i do not have the fortitude.

    my healing will come later. i know it will and i will accept it.