I just can't tell

I think I want to cinch up the big ring with the chain tighter to the vertical frame. Not sure and not strong enough to cinch it solo. But the good news is I was able to tighten it up a bit, which means it is not as heavy as I dreaded it might be.

The understructure rings are attached to the vertical frame with hinges so that the entire piece can fold up sort of flat for transporting and getting it through doorways. Why are gallery doorways so small? Do they think everyone who paints, paints with paint? These are black paintings painted with sewn tire tubes. Well i think of them as paintings because their primary structure is a rectangular frame that leans against the wall–kind of like a painting.

So far in it’s current configuration the black painting is about 10′ tall by 7.5′ wide and about 7′ in deep and maybe 300 to 400 pounds.

Some day I wont have to abuse my male friends and family to move my works and instead some museum or perhaps the menil will fund and move the works for exhibitions and such or just flat out buy the work so i have more room to make more!


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  1. I think this looks like the process that God went through when he was creating elephants. A little cinch here, a little lift there. You may not want to use this as a quote in your publicity brochure though.