Mark making :: All so many words and so (homework) by Theresa!

So I took a towel and blindfolded myself because i KNEW i would peek as I wrote. The assignment I chose to do was #11. Close you eyes and write a word one hundred times. This one was the thought “Go away.” I was listening to Flyleaf’s songs, I’m so Sick, Fully Alive, and Cassie.

This one took around 9 minutes.

This is “What I am doing.” I was listening to Arcade Fire’s Sleeping in a Submarine, and No Cars Go. This one took 12 minutes.

The thought here was “I know this.”  The music was Tunnels, Rebellion, and Power Out, By The Arcade Fire. It took about 11 minutes.

“Yes it is,” while i listened to Basia Bulat’s songs, Before I knew, La-da-da, I was a daughter, and Snakes and Ladders. This took me 8 minutes.
I spent 9 minutes with the idea, “Today I will.” The music behind this one was Psycobitches out of Hell by the Horrorpops.

Here is “I cannot.” The songs I listened to were The Flowers, and Us, from Regina Spektor. This took me 8 minutes.

7 minutes. “Look Out.” I was listening to Yellowcard’s Way Away, and Believe.
But look what happens when I use pencil for my words:

Silver fings made by pencil led. It’s fun. :D
Anyway, I enjoyed this assignment, it was halfway between experiment and game maybe. The darker spots are sometimes where the songs repeat phrases, and the largest words were either when the song got really slow or loud. The sharper words were made by the quicker beats, but the rounder words were when I was listening to fast lyrics. It was interesting, sitting there blindfolded. I kept expecting my roommate to come in and ask me what in the world I was doing. I bet I looked crazy. 
I gotta’ say though, I’m disappointed my roommate is never surprised by the weird art things I do. Had she walked in on my seeming insanity, she probably wouldn’t have noticed. Oh well.
All in all, I spent about an Hour and Four Minutes on this project.
Look up the music if you want, it’s pretty good depending what you feel like listening to.
:until tomorrow or some other day.
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