Day 1

Madisonville, TX

Pretty drive into Crocket, TX

Ummmm a stop in Crocket–my bad! Yes the door was as gooey to the touch as it was dirty to behold. Aaaagh. Dang!

Totally forgot what Cajun hwys are like with their concrete laid with a railroad track rhythm. Fortunately i have not seen any signs that indicate substandard surface as i witnessed almost two decades ago.

Now for lunch in Minden, LA. The choice was crawfish or fastfood. So I decided to stop and get messy. Oops I may have order too much.

Then onward via back roads to Memphis. Hwy 20 is just so hwy that I’ve opted for slower but more interesting route.

Making a turner in Homer and up into Arkansas. State changes are instantly recognizable by the marked shift in road surface, color, texture, and sound.

More back roads through Humphrey, Arkansas.

And then finally popped out on hwy 40 heading into Memphis with nothing but lines of 18 wheelers.

Am closing out my day of passing through four states by blowing out my sodium intake with some szechwan (sp?) dumplings. Yum!


Then tomorrow off to Nashville to have lunch with Korie Turner Vakey. Sunday a visit with Tessa Wilkin.

A weird but wonderful side effect of my art travels is the joy of visiting with beautiful, smart, interesting women I knew when they were mere girls–Katherine, a newscaster in Vegas but now in Houston, Rachel, or should I say Dr while show her my ears, nose and throat, in San Antonio for install, exhibition, deinstall, Anneke and Annetta in Austin for my women and their work show. And now Korie, Mrs Dr, in Nashville, Tessa, CPA in DC area, Jenny, a future CEO in Connecticut…I obviously need to give the ny actresses, Ann and Amy, a call as well as Alicia and Amanda.

May not get everyone in on this trip. Might need to have exhibition in NYC just for an excuse to see these amazingly wonderful women.