Day 2

Hotwire is my friend. The Hyatt Place was clean, beautiful and the help was gracious last night.

Hwy driving. Memphis.

Green hwy is better.

I know it’s just wrong, but I couldn’t help myself. I’ve added a new color to my bubba keg collection. It has a new lid design–perhaps they’ve resolved the dribble factor. Rational is I use my bubba’s as a refiller (tea; no vodka or coffee please), not only saving me money, but I am not throwing away a kazillion cups and lids per day.

Road closed. Really? Yup both ways. They were demo-ing an old bridge.

Lines of trucks as far as the eye could see.

And touch down for a power lunch with Korie and Kirk.

And then off to see my bro and Shelley near Oakridge, where they try to find a balance between nature and nuclear.

The drive to his house. Dang a beater trailer house! Bro what were you thinking???

Typical backwoods Tennessee. Oops this is a temp while he is doing this…

Cool! His own personal sawmill. I won’t remind him that he is an Aggie.

Here are his logs he moves about and stacks. Wait. How does my bro do that? Does he have special powers or just understands simple machines and physics (well he better under stand physics since he is a nuclear engineer).

And his backyard while he explains to me how he moves these logs by his lonesome.

Using his super mental powers to move a log. Or simply explaining the process? Your call.

Long drive but family and friend visits awesome.


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