Day 15 — It's a good morning with a little performance anxiety :)

Laying her flat, I see I need to extend her neck six or seven feet. I’ll do that this morning making her ready for initial install. Once installed I will continue developing her to integrate and react to specific site.

This morning Mason is going over a town or two to select an appropriate mechanized lift so we can install my work. Usually I just rig some crazy low to no budget system to install, so since a twenty foot ladder against a tree was not enough and a longer one would just be flat out stupid dangerous, we will be using a lift. Of course we could always get spiked shoes and some climbing webbing, but that's a bit of a learning curve you don't want to flunk at 30 or 40 feet up in the trees. Really we just need to get up to about 28 feet where the rest of the tree is easily climbable. Yea-ha!