Day 20 — laddened with a glimmering dew thickened blanket

It is my first in many days for the sun to again kiss the nap of my neck so early in the morn with her heat. Summer in Connecticut has re-emerge at the start of this day. She is much welcome and she is greeted with the perfect glimmer of thickly laddened liquid dew crystals sliding viscously with their weight towards the earth.

“because you are human, you are privileged and burden with the task of knowing. Our deire to know is the deepest longing of our soul; it is a call to intimacy and belonging…knowing calls you out of yourself. Discovery delights the heart. This is the natural joy of childhood and the earned joy of the artist. The child and the artist are pilgrams of discovery. When you limit your life to one frame of thinking, you close out the mystery. When you fence in the desires of your heart fixed walls… you dishonour the call to discovery. You create fields of “quiet desperation.”… When you open your heart to discovery, you will be called to step outside the comfort barriers within which you fortified your life. You will be called to risk old views and thoughts and to step off the circle of routine and image. This will bring turbulence. The pendulum will fix at times on one extreme, and you will be out of balance. But your soul loves the danger of growth. In it’s own wise trust, your soul will always return you to a place of real and vital equilibrium…either we are in the universe to inhabit the lovely eternity of our souls and grow real, or else we might as well dedicate our days to shopping and kill time watching talk shows…”
–John O’Donahue