Day 9 — ouchy!

Hmmm! I’ve learned not to poke my fingertips with sharply cut (functions as needle and thread) baling wire. Occasionally I have forgotten and must relearn. OUCH!

And it is a bit strange working out here with a forest as my studio workspace with all of its noises–birds, insects, the breeze rustling through the leaves AND THE RANDOM TREE FALLING. That is the second tree I heard fall since just yesterday. No strong wind, no storm approaching, just a crystal clear blue day and all seems in order. Then this groan lets loose, twigs and branch beginning snapping as the tree suddenly gives way to the call of gravity and down she plummets with a vibrant thud! Perhaps no squirrels (wait i haven’t seen any) were harmed in this event…

I am hoping that doesn’t happen when we start cabling up trees to install this work. Or of it does we all move out of its descent path quickly…enough :)


2 Responses

  1. no trees killed me or the piece…though can't guarantee that the piece wont eventually kill the trees. hope not. suppose the risk is that it might pull 'em down…especially in icy conditions this winter…hopefully the cables will pop before the trees uproot.