Hmmm iphone 4 vs 3gs camera

iphone 4…blurred, over polarization of image, colors blownout, etc. both images shot while driving (i shot a whole series and this is best of set-ouch)

iphone 3gs…even caught in focus the water on the road…got a great shot in almost every click

iphone 4 macro autofocus isn’t working correctly…it keeps focusing on the background. but wow on how clear the fence is. but i don’t want a picture of the fence, i wanted the tomatoes. i shot it with the built in software, camera genius, and camera plus pro…baaaaaahumbug.

iphone 3gs macroautofocus is working awesomely…see hairs on plant. amazing. the iphone 3gs camera white balance is so much more accurate as well! sure i get more pixels with the 4; have a flash for evening shots, but what good does that do me if i can’t capture normal shots as beautifully as the 3gs. is it worth the video. nope. i use the camera all the time; my 4 just kind of sucks in my opinion.

am super frustrated with iphone 4 camera. if i can get my 3gs screen fixed, i am returning the iphone 4.

returned; replaced with new iphone 4; new camera works excellently!