american cardboard idol

a few of the top contenders (photos shot by lee and krystal)

Katy (source object: drink umbrella)

Tony tests the functionality of the cardboard umbrella

Zach (source object: magnolia seed)

Danielle (source object: magnolia seed)

Kevin (source object: starfish) photo by Geoffrey Rascher

Jeremy (source object: starfish)

Sarah  (source object: contact lens case)

Sarah  (source object: contact lens case)

Krystal (source object: door knob) photo by Geoffrey Rascher

students present their first WASHer 3D project. we ran the crit like American idol with three professors as the judge. i was definitely NOT simon. each student walked the stage fashion showish and performatively. then they had to stand there in front of 50 or so of their new best friends and be crit by the judges (one – performance, two – craftsmanship, three – relationship of object to body).

Bryttani (source object: seed pod)

Emily  (source object: cap of acorn)

Allison  (source object: magnolia seed)

Shelbey  (source object: cap of acorn)

they had guts to stand their. i went all codependent and totally uncomfortably crit them, ouch, HONESTly. normally in small group crits hard truths can be buffered in discourse. body language says it best. as much as i knew my body was doing this for the life of me i couldn’t make it stop closing up. i suppose i could have gotten a little smaller if i’d curled up on the floor in the fetal position. it wasn’t an option.

there are definitely pros and cons to doing it this way. i think i had to go home and cry in the shower afterward. obviously this wouldn’t have been a problem if all the projects had been awesome.


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