Before I even open the WASH studio door this morning, I can see Nic’s ring made from cardboard because it will barely fit out of a supersized garage door. It still needs work, but, dang it all, good for Nic on ambition.

Then at lunch time Alexandra hands me this. BAM OMGosh WOW. No it is not the approximate size of a basketball, it is precisely. She studied the half geodomes online and decided to use this system and then designed her triangles each with a slide slit and created a slightly angled a joint piece. ummmm and she had to break out some of her understanding of geometry and such to calculate sizes and angles and excellence in cardboard crafts{wo}manship. BAM you go! She’d like to be an animator. I can see her ability to imagine and construct objects in space using geometry and such will definitely be an asset to one who wants to animate in cyberspace! I didn’t happen to snap a shot YET of her other two spheres…one skeletal and one emphasizing surface/skin. They definitely put a smile on my face for craft and ambitious scale.


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