next project: uncomfortable videos

my student’s current assignment is to make an uncomfortable video. OMGosh Emily succeeds at making me uncomfortable and totally grossed out!! Go Emily! Yuk!(in this case based on project parameters, yuk and gross are totally complementary).

most i am not going to post because they made me weep with sadness (which means they successfully made me uncomfortable). ok well, maybe not weep, but definitely teared up repeatedly. you’ll have to visit their blogs if you need a good cry…links are located on my WASH class blog. my student’s are really quite amazing.

Turn audio on for this one. OMGosh Janna! EEEeeek. Janna one the People’s Choice Award: Make It Stop. These are awards chosen by her WASH peers.

Here is Sarah‘s, such a simple solution. Very nice, especially since I personally find peas disgusting. Did she secretly know I hate peas? I love the formal elements in this piece.


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