how long will a woodpecker continue to work at the urban metal tree that we experience as a street light? how long til they dull or chip their beaks? or get really hungry? how long? or my friend Cynthia has a male bird that continues to fly into her window? smack, flutter, ouchy, and then again for months on end. is it simply from the male that looks back at him that he rebuffs the pane? in certain arenas, I’ve found humans to quite frequently be as repetitive. why? are these no longer functional defense or survival mechanisms? ingrained habits? I don’t think these behaviors cause the birds to suffer for they seem only temporally located in that now. on the other hand, because our minds are not temporally bound in the present moment, we suffer as we understand these things as nonfunctional, even damaging, defense and survival mechanisms. we are such amazing but odd creatures that we can stand outside of the now and watch ourselves. there are definite gifts with this capacity and absolutely the potential to suffer because of it. perhaps this temporal fluidity of thought and heart is one smidgen of how we may a be like our maker. perhaps?

the wind is just amazing in a good way today.
Location:Pine Valley Dr,College Station,United States