real world adventure with cyber-roommate

waawho it is 68 degrees and I an wearing a sweatshirt this morning!!

stitch, stitch Friday as warm up for my Darke Gallery residency then finger wrist break and up to Minnesota see my cyber-roommate (once real world college roommate) whom I hadn't spoken to or seen since about 1983. we've been corresponding electronically for a bit almost daily and have become what we call cyber-roommates (though I couldn't get her to dust my place and she felt I wasn't doing my share on keeping her space clean :) ). we decided to take a real world adventure together. at the point i bought my plane ticket we still hadn't spoken, just emails, so we kind of decided it would be kind fun/interesting to not speak until real world get together. needless to say yesterday there was a lot of real world dialog.

and she looks just the same to me as thirty years ago just with more smile lines, which I consider a good thing.