special, dear, significant, enchanting and beautiful friend, quoting her husband, told me today, “Honey, always remember you can’t fall out of bed when you are sleeping on the floor.”Yup. Helpful reminder and is true. Even funnier since I haven’t bought a bed yet and have a bed topper thingy thrown down on the floor in the shelter on my microforest. I think I’ll take the risk and get a bed, to old to lay these bones on the floor too many sequential nights. And just one please, one bed please. All my gracious friends have shared their spares with me. Can I even count their graciousness–Lori and Josh, Paul and Cheri, my mom and dad, Glenn and Shelly, Rachel, Annetta Jayne, Anneka, Tessa, Katherine, Marilyn, Cynthia. Others invited as well. Plus there were other beds–I-Park artist enclave (residency with chef), the BOX (studio), my office, an occasional hotel on nights to cold to BOX this past winter (brrr). Upcoming is a bed at Darke Gallery (residency). And next week there will be more beds along path of an adventure in real world with my cyber roommate whom I haven’t seen or spoken to in 30 years just got googled and then began daily email correspondence since November. Joy :) I am looking forward to an adventure of the unexpected but I am upon my return I need one bed, one nest, one sanctuary, one space to land my butt and head, calling it home.