deconstructed mattress elements…at the edge of my unreadiness

quilting, raw cotton, and some kind of serious fiber found inside one of the mattresses i deconstructed. beautiful source materials being sewn into something new along with the tubular detritus cast off from the ag industry for my upcoming exhibition, the edge of my unreadiness opening friday, aug 2 of labor day weekend at darke gallery. open studio/gallery each thursday in august from 4-7 with pizza to boot. come out and watch the evolution of my overtaking Linda Darke’s gallery (at her bequest).

still exploring mentally and soulfully the connection of deconstructed mattress elements to the refuse of nonfunctional discarded ag tubes. for me the tubes are a stand in for flesh, like the remnant hides of the living, and represent a kind of internal shadow self; therefore if i combine them with old deconstructed mattresses, perhaps the connection is to a once intimate relationship with its effects/impact on the internal workings of the soul, myself. ouch…that thought hurts. it may be good to stop trying to understand or figure out the inner working of what i make.


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