surface syllabus [MW 1313.01 + TTH 1313.02]
read before first studio meeting

surface syllabus [pdf]

What is WASH:
WASH is an experimental studio environment that combines training in visual and critical thinking with an exploration of the ideas and practices of contemporary visual art, focusing on art as it is practiced today. This nine credit hour interdisciplinary immersive program, which includes two studio components [surface + space] and a Friday lecture component, exposes students to a wide variety of styles, methodologies, material possibilities and concepts.

Studio Objectives:
This interdisciplinary aspect of WASH, will meet twice a week in six hour blocks. Students will be challenged to investigate, take risks, work within parameters, creatively problem solve, as well as think big. Throughout the semester you will be challenged to explore a wide range of media and materials to create art, with several overall goals in mind:

  • Think broadly, deeply, imaginatively and critically about art and art making
  • Identify and employ the elements and principles of design to create thoughtful and complex works of art
  • Articulate ideas visually through practice with various materials and styles
  • Collaborate with others effectively
  • Make informed visual and conceptual choices
  • Acquire foundational knowledge of art and contemporary artists
  • Communicate effectively through writing, research, evaluating, analyzing and critiquing your own work, as well as your peers’ work
  • Document work and work process through writing, sketches and images
  • Develop methods for working within parameters and timelines (time management, list making, calendaring, etc)

This program will equip you with tools that are essential to your development as a successful artist, animator or designer. YOU must be willing to stretch artistically and in your work practices and grow beyond your previous artistic experiences.

Studio Expectations:
Welcome to art bootcamp. You are here to make ART and cultivate strategies for your creation process. This program will require tremendous commitment and time management to be successful. WASH professors and the art department have very high expectations of each of you. You should plan on spending a minimum of 30 hours a week both inside and outside of class. If you are not willing to fully invest the time needed to be a successful artist/animator/designer, please consider dropping all three classes that make up the WASH program immediately.