stage one…moving from stripped down basics toward the exertion of personal voice

90 x 4 feet. hmmm. needed ~360 feet of linear wall space. putting up and squeezing in they are (the first 45). i had i(de)lusions that i could get both sections up at the same time on the walls. ends up that is not possible. ha! contemplating putting second group above first group. though stacking tables upon tables to give 45 of them access to the upper levels gave me visions of sudden unemployment.

so this is the first phase–conceptually the project is about perception, practically, perhaps more importantly, it’s about them discovering:

  • their habits or patterns to visual problem solving
  • that intent and viewer perception don’t always line up 
  • how to work to increase intent and perception aligning
  • methods to critique and receive criticism
    (while there is very little to no personal content to the work)

projects aren’t about being projects, they’re about

  • being art
  • learning process
  • discovering materials
  • exploring methods
  • finding voice

more going up

and more

and more

i remind them that this is only 1/2 and no complaining about workload as i will be grading all these…hmmm. this they actually get when they see it all setup.

me personally am looking forward to the derivative artworks that will be created based on these…studies.


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