weekend HW checklist
due 2/27-28


1. reread storyline-the story

2. review peer feedback

3. update storyLINE version #1
    Bring two copies (1 for me; put one in VJ)


Write storyLINE version #2 (based on exact same experience as version #1)
Bring two copies (1 for me; put one in VJ)
Options for version #2

1. Reverse storyline
2. Write from the other person’s perspective
3. Write from perspective of inanimate object or space
4. Change tense (past/present/future)
5. Exaggerate an unexpected or mundane portion
6. Sensualize it (not sexualize)
7. Rearrange it based on some system
8. Twist it
9. Reverse the meaning
10. Remove noun(s) and replace with descriptiosn
11. Write it as though it happened 60 years later (as though it had occurred in old age)

Independent series
{push it; experiment; do it in a new way; if you don’t like result, do it again}

1. Walk the line photo series – store high quality photos in vj and post 1 to fb
2. Series two drawings (9) – bring to studio


New mark making instruments
Charcoal (soft/dark/smeary)
Gum eraser
AND all previous supplies—ink, dipping container and lid, weird objects, LOTS of paper (not just newsprint)

INDEPENDENT PROJECTS — Professor Becky Finley, teaches photography at SAM and is photography major advisor, will be joining us for a portion of the our Human comp and identity essential crits. Yay!

[p4] Human comps due 3/5-6
[p5] Identity essentials due 3/5-6

Artist Presentations (see artist/presentation calendar)
Artist Paper (due April 27–typed version and TurnItIn digital version)